Low-Level Light Therapy of the Eye and Brain

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In humans around 40 years-old, cells in the eye’s retina begin to age, and the pace of this ageing is caused, in part, when the cell’s mitochondria, whose role is to produce energy (known as ATP) and boost cell function, also start to decline.

Researchers found the 670nm light had no impact in younger individuals, but in those around 40 years and over, significant improvements were obtained.

By the time someone reaches age 65 or older, their eyesight may have declined significantly as a consequence of this natural aging process…something daily red light therapy may help slow down or fix….

By: Koelpin Wally
Title: Low-Level Light Therapy of the Eye and Brain
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPtNChRe72U

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